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This is a post for Lizzie (lizaines) since she loves Chim just as much as I do but also because I want fic for them and she's the best writer I know. 

Anyways, click the cut.

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Recently MTV had a bright idea (by bright, I mean moronically stupid) to look into the crazy world of the One Direction fandom. I'm assuming they went through tumblr because their main focus ended up being the bromance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (nicknamed, affectionately, as Larry Stylinson.) They also focused on a piece of fanfiction called "Room 317" which I have never read, and will probably never read. However, the girl who wrote this fic is appalled that MTV are using her work and understandably so. It's not something you want on a main One Direction documentary or whatever the fuck MTV is trying to do. At the same time though, she isn't seeing the other side. Nor are anybody else in the Larry Stylinson fandom. There's a lot of outrage on MTV intruding on their corner of the internet, yet there seems to be equal praise for members of their community infringing on fundamental rights of Harry and Louis. Perhaps that sounds harsh, but this is a section of the fandom that compiles large posts (which a friend of mine called "fifty page analysis") on every second Harry and Louis touch each other or even dare to look at each other. Now, I don't really have an issue with the posts in themselves because I tend to do it to my OTP, but where my issue comes from, is that Louis Tomlinson has discussed this phenom. He also mentioned how it's affecting his real life relationship.

Asked whether he or his bandmates ever feel pressured to live up to the "characters" that their fans create or whether it is strange to have entire websites created around fictional relationships within the band, Tomlinson said, "This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with as I am in a relationship. ... It is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public. We want to joke around, but there seems to be a different rumor every time we do anything." 
From here.

Now, I don't know whether Louis is straight, and I'm more or less inclined to believe he isn't. I don't see anything wrong with speculating the sexualities of famous people. It's been done from the age of Jesus, but the issue at hand is that the rumours are affecting himWhether fans believe the relationship is real, or whether Eleanor Calder is a beard isn't the point. Louis is annoyed and finds the whole situation "hard to deal with." It's also affecting how Harry and Louis act with each other. Personally, I'm more of a Zouis fan and secretly (okay not so secretly) believe they are doing it, but the Larry friendship/bromance has always been fun in the fandom. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they haven't been as friendly with each other as they used to be. I'm not talking about it from a relationship point of view, but from a strictly friendship point of view. They are hardly ever seen hanging out together and that's a real shame. 

It's also the direct result of the fans breaking the fourth wall. There's always an element of delusion in RPS fandoms from J2 to Pinto, and it's almost stupid to hope for the fourth wall to remain intact. The difference in this case is that it's directly affecting the relationship between two friends (they could be more, but let's just stick to friends for now.) Is that really what this fandom wants to do? 
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15 December 2010 @ 12:26 pm

Friends only. Comment to be added.

I mostly talk about Football. My teams are Real Madrid, Schalke 04, and Arsenal. It's mostly random fangirling but I like talking seriously about football as well. You don't have to like my teams, but I would advice you to be respectful. I have all the respect for rival teams. Also, I'm sympathetic to Manchester United so if you're an Arsenal fan who bashes them constantly, I probably won't add you even if we share the same team.

Also, TV. I love TV. I'll probably fangirl that a lot as well.